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$1.00 June 1, 2020


$2.00 May 29, 2020

Hamed Ghasimi

$1.00 May 26, 2020


$1.00 May 25, 2020

عرفان قربانی

$1.00 May 24, 2020


$40.00 May 22, 2020

سلام سروش جان ما که به عنوان یه دهه هفتادی از دوران نوجوانی همیشه پیگیر… Read more

سلام سروش جان ما که به عنوان یه دهه هفتادی از دوران نوجوانی همیشه پیگیر کارهات بودیم. بهترین رپکن ایرانی با فاصله. لطفا کار زود زود بده از این به بعد. یه تار حنجره ات می ارزه به کل این جدید مدید ها که از نبودت کمال سواستفاده رو کردن. حالا دیگه باید بساط شون رو جمع کنن چون پدر رپ پارس اومده. بی صبرانه منتظر کارهای بعدیت هستیم.


$5.00 May 21, 2020


$1.00 May 19, 2020


$1.00 May 18, 2020


$1.00 May 17, 2020


$1.00 May 14, 2020


$1.00 May 14, 2020


$350.00 March 25, 2020

یه روزِ خوب میاد


$300.00 March 14, 2020

اون پدرخوانده‌ی مافیای رپه... می‌گن دشمن داره، خب به تخم چپش


$200.00 March 23, 2020

Lashkaryyyyy Belakhare Resondish Be Maghsad . Khaste Nabashi


$200.00 March 1, 2020


$150.00 March 6, 2020

یکی مرد جنگی به از صد هزار. پرچم بالاست.

رها رها

$100.00 March 11, 2020

حمایت ما ضمینه ساز فعالیت بیشترجوانان باشرف این مملکت خواهد شد


$100.00 March 2, 2020

RezBel Meta

$100.00 March 2, 2020


نریمان غریب

$100.00 March 23, 2020

یک عمر باهات حال کردیم، یکبار هم که شده باید تشکر می‌کردیم.
دمت گرم که هستی.

Ali Sufi

$100.00 March 31, 2020

I love your work. You are the truest poet of our generation. May God bless You brother


$100.00 March 1, 2020


$100.00 March 10, 2020
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Although the album will be available to the public for free, you will be supporting the artists by pre-ordering the content and you will receive an album version with a higher quality than the free version available to the public.

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When the album is released on 31st of March 2020, a download link for the album will be sent to the email address which you have provided when you were pre-ordering the album.

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The supports list publicly shows the latest and the top supports. Your name, the amount you’ve paid, and your comment will be displayed in this list, unless you choose to be anonymous when completing your pre-order. Please also note, by default purchases made with cryptocurrency are marked as anonymous in the supporters list. Comments deemed to be advertising a product, entity or service or links will not be published. 

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No, at this point there are no plans to manufacture or sell physical versions of the album.

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